Robert P. Marcellino


I am  endlessly inspired by New England’s native beauty, having lived most of my life along the Massachusetts Coast. I watch it all, from the way the natural light plays off the ocean, marshes and dunes, to the bright hues, forms, and the textures in my very own English garden. Changing seasons and times of day are age-old wonders for the landscape painter, and every moment of day in my region is subtly---or radically---different from every other.

Further inspiration comes from the entirely different landscapes I observe in my travels. What my eyes take in, both at home and further afield, kindles an enduring passion to recreate the mood, light and color that I discover in the varied beauty of our world. 

My paintings are unapologetically romantic, springing, as they do, from the

ongoing joy of my explorations of the landscapes in which we live.

“Reflections”   10 x 30     Oil on Canvas